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Hegelian Aufhebung

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The Hegelian concept of Aufhebung.

The word is in German and difficult to fully translate to English or Swedish.

It  donotes two very different things that are working together in some special situation:

On the one hand: Aufhebung as abolish, nullify, cancel, making non-existent

On the other hand: Aufhebung as arise, begin, originate, come into existence


When for instance True and False as categories are questioned in an ironic situation ("believe it or not") that generates a situation where the very conception of the "True-False" category might be abolished, nullified, cancelled or non-existent and a new interesting category have to be constructed in order to give meaning to the situation, say the "Authentic-Played" or the "Actual-Appearance" category, leading to a small scale "mental tsunami" in which the earlier frame-of-reference (where all impressions are ordered into nice categories) suddenly is of no use and you have to switch to another frame-of-reference, a new ground to conceptualize what´s going on in this world. You have to make or engage in a kind of "Hegelian Aufhebung"...


Wikipedia gives a German introduction to the concept in the context of dialectics. There are other sources also... just Google on the matter..


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