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European relevance of criteria and indicators - learning

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Culture of Learning
Cluster Quality Criteria Rank1 (Factor 3) Rank2 (Factor 2) Rank3 (Factor 1) Summary
  Learning objectives/outcomes are commonly defined and promoted within partnership 3 1   11
  Learning-based strategy to be mainstreamed  into integrated local and regional development strategies. Inclusion of learning as a key element to respond creatively to the forces of change  3 1   11
  Learning gaps are documented and related with the quality system   2 1 5
  Capacities for learning promotion are created/developed 1   1 4
  Motivational strategies are in place for adults  within the community of learners 1 4 1 12
  Regular assessment of learning outcomes and impact on the development of adult learners     3 3
  Positive approach to valorisation of knowledge  of all participants (i.e. informal and non-formal learning)     2 2
  Strategy in place for capitalizing learning within partnership       0

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