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European relevance of criteria and indicators - progress

Page history last edited by Randolph Preisinger-Kleine 8 years, 6 months ago


Progress and Sustainability  
Cluster Quality Criteria Rank1 (Factor 3) Rank2 (Factor 2) Rank3 (Factor 1) Summary Cluster Summary
Evaluation Monitoring and evaluation informs strategic direction and both policy and practice 1 1   5 25
Evaluation and review (quality) are prioritised and internalized – seen as a core activity and not just an add-on 2 1   8
Means of measuring must be appropriate in context of the learning region 1 1 2 7
Results and findings of monitoring, evaluation and review must be able to be widely understood   2 1 5
Willingness and Capacity of understanding and accepting results Flexibility of partners to share information (not defensive) 1 1   5 23
Flexibility and openness of partners to accept results (failures as well as successes) and act on results 1   1 4
Outcomes and impact are regularly checked, demonstrated and communicated to all members of the network and the community at large   1 3 5
Unintended as well as planned outcomes are documented and shared     1 1
The capacity to continuously understand results, reasons; and the capacity to use this understanding to influence ongoing planning 2 1   8

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