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Materials: Sweden

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Item, Ref No Download or view item Language
1) Lundaland Homepage 1-Lundaland in Scania  Swedish
2) Results of survey (Swedish) in the Learning Region of Lundaland 2-Lundaland-Survey Swedish
3) Lundaland Strategy (in Swedish) 3-Lundaland-Strategy-2013 Swedish
4) Project planning guide (in Swedish) for starting projects within Leader 4-Project-Planning-Guide Swedish
5) Handbook for administration of Leader projects  5-Project-Admin-Handbook Swedish 
6) The eight landmarks as project challenges 6-Lundaland-Landmarks Swedish
7) Framework of strategic concern for Lundaland 7-Strategic-Concern Swedish
8) Guidelines for final reporting of micro projects 8-Final-Reporting-Guide Swedish 
9) Marketing Map of Lundaland micro projects 9-Map-of-Lundaland-Projects Swedish


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